Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my updated website and a new blog. This is a journey of transformation and living life whole, content and fulfilled. I’m a believer, married with three gorgeous children. I love spending time outdoors and eating good food.

I hope you will enjoy, learn, grow as we engage and journey together on how to live a wholesome life and achieve divine fulfilment. We embrace the Mind, Body, and Soul to be in alignment and remain authentic to our selves.

The past three and half years have taken me on a journey of pursuing a wholesome lifestyle, spending time with my soul and listening to what it yearns for. There were moments of tears, joy, laughter, pain and learning to accept me as God originally created me. Two things are evident in my journey of growth and transformation, it is to:

Teach + Create

I have always loved to empower and see other people thrive in life. I’m also a creative person who enjoys the thrill of a new idea coming to life.

As you’re aware, I’ve just released my very first book, a spiritual memoir, called: Be Still and I’ve decided to make it the theme for 2020 as I believe we need to learn to be still in order to listen to the voice within. I will be writing about what that means for your mind, body, and soul.

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