Divine Fulfilment

Lebitso founded Divine Fulfilment in 2018 when she went on a quest of finding a sense of fulfilment and heeding her call.  As a modern woman, she had everything going on for her but battled with the idea that something was missing, a void and a yearning inside that she couldn’t understand.  This is the time she was told to “Be Still” and listen to the voice inside talking to her.  She took on a journey of learning and unlearning, transformation and spiritual growth that led her to write a Spiritual Memoir:  Be Still

Throughout her life, she has achieved success in a career, business, and personal life but she came to a cross-road which took her on a journey of spiritual growth. Through this platform, she teaches and speaks to women and youth about reaching their true potential and purpose through being in alignment with the highest source of life.  We are all in the pursuit of success but are never truly satisfied or fulfilled with what we have achieved.  Why is that?  This is one question that led to her spiritual journey.


That is the answer she received and she talks about her journey to Divine Fulfilment in her new book.  She offers private spiritual teachings and mentorship sessions on request. You can listen to “Divine Conversations with Lebitso” on Youtube.

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The e-book and kindle is available on Amazon and Kobo

Available for Only R239 including standard delivery*

Your book comes with a special birthday gift from Lebitso. If you are buying a gift for someone, please e-mail the message to info@lebitsoramphore.co.za for a special message and a free bookmark. No refunds on signed copies. Fast Overnight Delivery is now available nationwide.

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