Holistic Coaching

Lebitso is a qualified mentor and coach, and has been accredited by Coaches and Mentors of South Africa. Spirit, Mind, and Body Alignment is the methodology she utilises to achieve sustainable longevity and fulfilment when pursuing dreams and goals with her clients. “Holistic Life Coaching is more focused on connecting these three aspects of your life so you can live even more intentionally and more mindfully. It covers these core areas in relation to the whole so that you can truly heal, be complete and move forward.” 

Coaching is split into 3 Areas:

Mind: (Creativity, Career & Business). Lebitso is passionate about people development. She assists you to map out a path of success in your career or business using intentional and conscious action steps.  

Body: Health and Wellness using TLC International Wellbeing Program using DNA analysis. Having a strong and healthy body confidence is important.

Soul & Spirit: Divine Fulfilment through Spiritual Growth. Develop your spiritual muscle to manage the daily challenges of life and mental renewal. 

All these three elements are imperative to achieve a life of success according to your uniqueness and to visualise and manifest your truest and most authentic self.


Business Coaching 

As an Entrepreneur,  she’s often asked for advice.

How to Start a Business: For new businesses, you receive assistance on how to draft a Business Plan and Feasibility Study. A feasibility study is important to test whether the idea is feasible or not. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, where she specialised in Entrepreneurship and Business Management from the University of Pretoria, she will guide you in the right direction to launching a successful business.  The Business Start-up Package has everything you need to launch your business in 10 easy steps.

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